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How to Install Moodle in Windows 0

How to install Moodle in Windows

This tutorial is specifically for installing Moodle in Windows. The complete stack – Apache, MySQL, PHP and Moodle will be shown here. There are 2 ways this can be done. The AUTOMATED but less powerful way....

How to Install MySQL on Windows – the full tutorial 0

How to Install MySQL on Windows – the full tutorial

In this post, I will show how to install MySQL on Windows. Step 1: Visit this page for your download: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/ Step 2: Click on MySQL Installer.   This will lead to one more page where some more...

Install PHP on Windows 0

How to Install PHP on Windows

This tutorial is for installing PHP on Windows. PREREQUISITE: You should already have installed Apache Web Server. If not, see here for a tutorial to install Apache Webserver on Windows. VIDEO TUTORIAL:   STEP 1:  Read through...